Alta is one of the oldest ski resorts in North America, with the slopes first opening in 1939. Alta is also one of the few remaining ski areas that doesn’t allow snowboarders onto its slopes. Still, with 560 inches of pure champagne every year and 2200 acres of skiing, this resort has its fair share of powderhound devotees. If you plan on tooling down the 2020-foot drop, you should keep in mind that you don’t ever have to pay full price for your price of admission. Discount Alta lift tickets are easy to get and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

Lift Tickets for Less

Saving money on lift tickets doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting a great set of discount Alta lift tickets is easy, as long as you remember two key things. The first key to saving money is to start your shopping early. Like most things you have to buy on your vacation, the longer you wait to get your lift tickets, the more you are going to pay. This means that again, the earlier you get your lift tickets, the less you’ll spend. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t better deals coming. Alta will put tickets up for presale at different times, often at deep discounts. However, you never know when they’re going to come.

That’s why you should let us help you. We have great working relationships with the ski resorts, so we know when the best deals are being brought out. That means our database is constantly being updated with the latest and greatest savings. This means that you’re going to get the best information you need to create the best vacation ever. And just because you don’t find something that suits your travel dates the first time you look doesn’t mean there won’t be something coming later, so keep checking back with us. Additionally, when you book through us, we can guarantee you’re going to save at least 20 percent off the walk up prices at the resort.

Half-Days are a Last Resort

Sometimes things that look like good deals don’t really mesh with your situation. Take half-day tickets. These are tickets that allow access to Alta after a set cutoff time and have a couple bucks taken off the full day price. These tickets should only be considered if you don’t already have discount Alta lift tickets and if you get to the resort just before or after the cutoff time. Otherwise, think about what it is you’re giving up. This is your vacation, and you’ve been waiting all year (or longer) for this. Why are you willing to waste any of your time on the slopes just to save a couple of bucks. Get the full day ticket and then let us help you get your discount Alta lift tickets for the rest of your vacation.

Above all else, don’t pay the walk up price at Alta. This is just throwing money away; the walk up price is the highest priced lift ticket for Alta you can buy anywhere. There’s no limit to the number of lift tickets that Alta can sell, so there is never such a thing as a sold-out day. This means there are never any scalpers who can sell prices higher than the going window rate. On the plus side, this also means that anywhere else you get your lift tickets will be at a discount; with our help, you can get the most savings on your discount Alta lift tickets and keep all that money in your wallet.

Type Adult Child Senior Our Price Ticket
Lift Ticket Deals
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$462 N/A $175 View Deals
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