Snowbird Parking Areas and Options

There is not a lot of room at Snowbird between the ski mountain, the mountain next to it, and the road in. Which is to say that there aren’t giant parking lots like those at Deer Valley and The Canyons. They have added more parking every year, and by 2015-16 they have 2,800 parking spots. Which is a lot. However, each one is just a little farther away from the base, so you will need to walk a little bit. Most of the Snowbird parking is free–so first come first serve, but there are some pay options and Preferred Parking for season passholders.

Here is the Snowbird Parking Map. I find it to be confusing and would recommend using google maps instead as it is way easier to understand.

Main Base & Gad Valley

There are two base areas at Snowbird, the Main Base with the Tram and Gad Valley. Depending on where you are looking to ski and where you are able to park, Gad Valley might be smart and it might not.

Gad Valley parking lots are going to put you, obviously, closer to Gad Valley base. For these lots you will take Entry 1 Snowbird Road from 210. There are two main lots right across from the base area, so it is a short walk. These can be coveted spots for those in the know, as the walk is short and the lots aren’t spread out, so each space is about as far of a walk as the next one. If you don’t care where you ski to start the day, and you are parking at Gad Valley, then jump on those lifts and enjoy the skier’s left side of Snowbird. However, if you park at Gad, but you are really wanting to ski the backside or connect over to Alta, then you’ll want to either hoof it or shuttle to the main base.

The Main Base lots stretch out on either side of the street leading in from 210 (Little Cottonwood Canyon Road). For these lots, you will take the second or third exit/street (Entry 2 or Entry 3 Snowbird Road). You will see vehicles lining the streets. These are the main lots. There is a small, regular lot in the middle–called Pond Lot (because it has a pond in the middle of it)–which has 125 spots and are reserved for carpoolers and Preferred Parking passholders.

The Strip

The Strip lot is sweet, sweet blacktop and is just steps away from Snowbird Center. You are going to be tempted to try to find a spot here, and there isn’t one for you if you are reading this page. It is a valet lot and for other important folks with Snowbird. If you find your way in here, just drive to the front and turn around and head back. This is a great spot to drop off people, so definitely use this resource if you are one of those kind souls who drops people off and then goes to find parking.