For a vacation at a small, quiet ski resort, Beaver Mountain is a perfect option. This northern Utah gem has been family owned and operated since 1939. It’s a favorite of residents of northern Utah and southern Idaho, who enjoy the relaxed, crowd-free environment.

Beaver Mountain is an excellent place for inexperienced winter-sport lovers, because much of its terrain is considered beginner. But whether guests are newbies or regulars, the best way to experience the mountain is by scoping out discount Beaver Mountain lift tickets and understanding how to avoid money-sucking pitfalls. Stick with us for the best available information on pricing and deals.

Pass on Half-Day Passes

It’s easy to see why half-day passes are appealing, but make sure to consider that they often don’t end up offering the best deal for guests. At Beaver Mountain, a half-day pass gives guests a tiny discount for a short amount of time on the mountain. With two restrictive time frames (either 9 am to 12:30 pm or 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm), a half-day pass barely grants the time needed to ski, snowboard, or cross-country ski. For the most value in terms of time and money, pass on half-day passes and opt for discount Beaver Mountain lift tickets by checking our website.

Scoring Discount Beaver Mountain Lift Tickets

Yes, ski resorts advertise walk-up/window prices. But savvy skiers and snowboarders don’t pay them. Window prices are actually the least economical way to ski or snowboard, yet they exist because many people simply don’t plan ahead. The best way to maximize the value of a trip to Beaver Mountain is to take advantage of discounts on lift tickets, gear, and rentals. We can keep you covered with all of that, but as always, it’s better to plan ahead.

Ways to Save

One option to score discount Beaver Mountain lift tickets is their 10 Pack, All Area Day lift pass. This pass offers discount Beaver Mountain lift tickets in a bundle, and is excellent for families or groups. For updated information about pricing for their 10 Pack All Area day passes, check in with us as early and often as possible.

Season passes for Adults or Juniors can also be purchased. Season passes are an excellent option for frequent visitors. Pass Holder perks include discounts at shops and restaurants, as well as recreational activities like canoe rentals. Students from 6th grade through college are also eligible for season passes. Like discount Beaver Mountain lift tickets, season passes can fluctuate. Those interested in purchasing a season pass should stick to the same rule as those who want to purchase lift tickets: browse as early as possible.