This will be the Snowbird resort main page.

These are the pages that will live inside the /snowbird/ folder. They are listed in no particular order. This is a relatively complete list for Snowbird, but there could be other things added that are resort specific, such as tubing or cat skiing or the like. Which is to say that the below is a good example of what most resorts will have living in their folder, however, there could be other things, but no matter what other things are added they will live under that specific resort and can go on templates that already exist.

Ski Rentals

Where to rent skis near Snowbird.

Snowbird Lift Tickets

Discount lift tickets for Snowbird.

Terrain Park Guide

Guide to the Snowbird terrain park.

Snowbird Lodging

Find out where to stay near Snowbird.

As with all resorts in all states, the resort specific content that covers lift tickets, ski rentals, and shuttles will not live in the resort folder, but inside these categories. As such:

I still want to include the lift tickets, ski rentals, and shuttles on the mini/side-nav of the resort page, but they will just link to these other folders.