Beaver Mountain is a small, family-owned ski area in the northeastern corner of Utah. A favorite of locals due to its uncrowded slopes and lift lines, Beaver Mountain is the perfect place for families. Before hitting the slopes, you’ve got to consider whether you’ll purchase or rent equipment. While purchasing your own gear has its perks, renting can be a huge budget saver. This is especially true if you’re traveling by plane, as you’ll save a lot on baggage fees by not lugging around skis. We’ve got you covered with the best places, prices, and discounts for Beaver Mountain ski rentals.

Ski Packages for Less

Like lift tickets, rentals at ski resorts are usually priced at inflated “window” rates. One way to avoid those prices is to browse rental gear as early and often as possible. In general, the earlier you browse the better prices and discounts will be. As always, we guarantee that our website has the most current deals for Beaver Mountain ski rentals.

You can also save money on Beaver Mountain ski rentals by visiting off-site rental shops. Beaver Mountain offers three rental rates: a Demo Ski & Snowboard Package for $45, a Performance Package for $32, and a Basic Package for $26.  For comparison, The Sportsman in Logan, Utah offers daily rentals priced at $20 for both skis and snowboards.

If you’re traveling from Idaho, Pocatello is also a good stop for Beaver Mountain ski rentals. Like Beaver Mountain, Barrie’s Ski and Sports offers several packages to choose from. Their Adult Alpine Ski Package and Adult Snowboard Package both cost $20 for one day and $7/day for two-seven days. For seven days or more the per-day price drops to $5. So if you’re planning to visit Beaver Mountain for several days and you’re traveling from Idaho, this off-site shop is totally worth a visit.

Things to Keep in Mind

It may be less convenient to rent from off-site shops, but the quality, selection, and discounts usually make up for that. Additionally, most local ski rental shops offer brand selections similar to what you’d find at a resort. Remember that checking with us online will help you not only narrow down your choices, but also score the best deals and pricing.

Another tip about Beaver Mountain ski rentals: purchase what you need. For example, purchasing merino or synthetic wool socks will maximize comfort while on the mountain because they are warm and moisture-wicking. It’s also a good idea to consider purchasing a helmet and good goggles. A helmet purchase alone will save you around $7-$10 a day in rental fees. It’s really important to consider your personal safety above all else when participating in any winter sport. Once you’ve got the gear covered, you can focus on the best part the trip: hitting the slopes.

 The following is a list of ski rental shops near Beaver Mountain

The Sportsman, Logan, UT:

Barrie’s Ski and Sports, Pocatello, ID: