Brighton is one of the favorite resorts in Utah, with over 1000 skiable acres and 66 named runs. Night skiing is a perennial draw, with over 200 acres illuminated for those who enjoy after-hours fun. Brighton features multiple difficulties that can all be accessed from one high-speed quad lift and a 1745-foot vertical for those brave enough to ski from the peak. Located just east of Salt Lake City, if you’re headed here, you need lift tickets. We all know how expensive lift tickets can be, but there’s no need for you to spend that much. Getting discount Brighton lift tickets is easy, as long as you remember these simple tips.

Two Ways to Guarantee Savings

One sure way to guarantee savings when you’re looking for lift tickets at Brighton is to let us help you. We have a lot of experience with helping skiers locate discount Brighton lift tickets. We maintain a database of all the deals that are offered so you can make the best decisions based on your needs and your vacation. Additionally, we are always updating our information as new deals come in and existing deals change. We get this information because of the outstanding relationships we have with the resorts. In fact, we can guarantee that you’ll save at least 20 percent off the walk up price at the resort window when you book through us.

Another way to maximize your savings is to start your shopping early. This is because resorts like to presell lift tickets well in advance. This helps them guarantee business on off-peak days. They benefit because they get immediate income; you benefit because the savings can be extraordinary, sometimes as much as 60 or 70 percent off walk-up prices. These advance sales sell out really fast, so the sooner you start to shop, the better off you are. With our help, getting discount Brighton lift tickets that suit your vacation will be simple.

Half-Days and Walk Up Prices

When it comes to saving money, the worst thing you can do is pay the walk up price at the resort. Consider this: there is nowhere else that will charge you more for a lift ticket. This is because Brighton has no limit on the number of lift tickets they can sell. With no occupancy maximum, there isn’t going to be anyone offering a scalped ticket that will cost more than the walk-up price. So, don’t pay that price; not when it’s so easy to get your discount Brighton lift tickets.

Furthermore, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a half-day ticket is a good deal. It really isn’t. Yes, you’re going to save a few bucks off the walk up price, but think about what you’re giving up. The cutoff time at Brighton is at 12:30 pm. So in order to take advantage of the half-day price, you have to give up the entire morning of skiing. Let’s be frank; the morning is the best time to be on the slopes. The runs are freshly groomed, there’s not a trace of pack and the trails are just screaming for you to be the first one to carve a line. Don’t give that experience up, doubly so because it’s your vacation and you should be out there experiencing it. Still, with our help, you’ll have a discount Brighton lift ticket in hand and won’t ever worry about half-days or walk up prices.