Park City is one of Utah’s largest resorts, featuring nine peaks, 182 named trails, and over 7300 skiable acres, it’s no wonder why Park City has been consistently rated one of the top 10 resorts in North America.  There really is something for everyone here, as every skier of every skill level will find numerous trails that call to them. But to get out on these slopes, you have to pay the price of admission: a lift ticket, and that can be an expensive proposition. Thankfully, it’s easy to get discount Park City lift tickets with just a couple of tips.

Lift Ticket Savings

So you want to know the best way to save money on your lift tickets so you can score the best discount Park City lift tickets? The best way to do it is by planning ahead. Lift tickets are much like any other “must-have” item on your vacation. The longer you wait to get them, the more expensive they’re going to be. Not only that, but places like Park City will put lift tickets up for presale in order to guarantee business on off-peak days. These presales feature lift tickets at discounts that can reach up to 60 percent in some cases. Keeping track of these presales can be frustrating at times, however.

That’s where our expertise comes into play. We’ve been helping skiers get discount Park City lift tickets for a long time now. We maintain a database with all of the information you need to get the best lift tickets you can for your vacation. In addition, we’re constantly updating the information we have as the deals change. When you look at the deals we have listed, you can be sure that you’re seeing the most up to date information possible. Additionally, when you book your lift tickets with us, you’re going to save at least 20 percent off the walk up pricing at the resort.

Speaking of Walk-up Prices

When it comes to walk up pricing at Park City, there’s only one thing to do when you want to save money: don’t pay that price. See, the prices for the lift tickets at the window are the highest you’ll pay for lift tickets anywhere. Everywhere else you get them will cost less; this is because there is no occupancy limit for Park City. This means that there will be no scalper selling a lift ticket to a sold out venue. So don’t pay that price, especially because it’s so easy to save and keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Half-day tickets are an interesting deal; you give up half of the day of skiing and you save a few bucks. It’s not a large savings, but it’s a little bit. That still doesn’t make it worth it, especially if you’re on vacation. Giving up half a day of vacation isn’t worth the small amount of money you’ll save on a half-day ticket. Unless you’re getting to the resort just before or after the cutoff time, get the full day ticket and then let us help you get discount Park City lift tickets for the rest of your trip. Then you won’t have to worry about walk up pricing or half-day tickets.