Located near Park City and Cottonwood, Snowbasin often gets short changed when it comes to press and advertising. This is unfortunate because Snowbasin is a great place for skiing, no matter what your ability level. With over 200 inches of Utah powder falling each year, the bowls, glades, and terrain parks are wide open; Snowbasin is a great alternative to the crowds of the more famous resorts. Still, if you’re going to play around on these 3000 skiable acres and 104 runs, you need lift tickets, which can be pricey. Thankfully, saving money and getting discount Snowbasin lift tickets is easy if you remember these tips.

Lift Tickets for Less? Here’s How

When it comes to scoring discount Snowbasin lift tickets, the first thing you want to remember is that starting your shopping early is key. Like most things vacation related, the farther in advance that you buy something, the cheaper it’s going to be. This holds true for travel, hotel rooms, and lift tickets. With resorts like Snowbasin, advance sales help to ensure business on otherwise slow off-peak days. The great thing about these advance lift ticket sales is that they are offered at deep discounts, sometimes as much as 60 percent. But as fast as these get offered, they sell out, so it becomes critical to get them as soon as they appear.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been doing this for a long time, building relationships with the resorts. We have all the information you need to make the best decision you can for your vacation. We are also continually updating our database as new deals come in and old ones change. Put us to work for you. When you book your lift tickets through us, we can guarantee you’ll save at least 20 percent off the standard walk up pricing at the resort.

Walk Up Pricing? No Way

One thing to remember about the walk up price at Snowbasin is that you aren’t going to see a higher price for lift tickets anywhere. With no limit on the number of lift tickets Snowbasin can sell, there will never be anywhere that will offer higher priced scalped tickets. Because the resort sets this price, if you get there without discount Snowbasin lift tickets already in hand, you’re agreeing to pay it. If you do, you’re just wasting money. Remember that with our help, you can keep your hard earned cash in your pocket and never have to worry about those walk up prices.

If you forgo getting discount Snowbasin lift tickets in advance, you may think of half-day tickets as a way to save some money. After all, if you arrive at the resort late, what’s wrong with waiting a couple of hours for the cutoff time? You save a few bucks, and you can just hang out in the lodge and enjoy the day. Here’s what’s wrong: it’s your vacation. You’ve been waiting all year for this, so why are you going to waste half a day waiting? Unless it’s just before or after the cutoff time, get the full day ticket and then let us help you get discount Snowbasin lift tickets for the rest of your vacation. Then you won’t have to worry about it at all.