Sundance is one of the smaller ski areas in Utah, but it still attracts a large number of visitors each year. Located near Mount Timpanagos, Sundance has 42 named runs sprawling out across 450 acres of terrain. With a great variety of terrain, there’s something for skiers of every skill level. Whether it’s the expert bowls you’re after or gentle groomers that wind down the slopes, you still need a lift ticket to play. Even though Sundance’s prices are reasonable, there’s still room to save money and get great discount Sundance lift tickets as long as you remember these tips.

Dodge the Walk Up Pricing

The first thing you should remember about getting discount Sundance lift tickets is that the walk up prices at the resort window are the highest that you will find for lift tickets anywhere. There is no limit to the number of lift tickets that Sundance can sell so there will never be anyone trying to scalp prices at a higher price. The advantage to this is that anywhere else you get your lift tickets is going to cost less, so there’s never a reason to pay the walk up price.

Getting Lift Tickets on the Cheap

If you want to save the most money, you want to start shopping for your lift tickets as soon as you can. That means that when you know you’re headed to Utah, hop online and start searching with us. We’ve been helping skiers get discount Sundance lift tickets for quite some time and have built up great relationships with the resorts in Utah, so we often get the inside track on the best deals. Additionally, we’re constantly updating our information so you can make the best decisions for your vacation. When the resort puts batches of tickets up for presale at deep discounts, we’ll have them here for you to see.

That’s the primary reason you want to start your shopping early. Resorts like Sundance like to put lift tickets up for sale early. This guarantees them business on off-peak days. This is great for skiers who can plan ahead because the presales are often discounted up to 60 or 70 percent off the walk up price. If you’re planning to hit the resort during one of those times, there’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit. But the presales sell out very quickly, so having one place where you can find all the discount Sundance lift tickets you need is a great convenience.

It can happen that you don’t find any presales for the days you want to go skiing. That’s okay, there are other ways you can save. The best of these is by taking advantage of ski and stay programs. This is where you get discount Sundance lift tickets paired with a hotel room, some of them at the resort itself. It’s the best of both worlds for you as you will save money on both lift tickets and lodging; both of which are essential to your ski vacation. With proper planning and a little help from us, your vacation will be the best one you’ve had in years.