For stunningly unique and diverse Utah experience, there’s no better place than Wolf Creek Resort. This Eden, Utah treasure goes by the tagline of “More Park Less City” – a claim that is perfectly illustrated by the three world-class ski resorts it encompasses. A winter visit to this resort wouldn’t be complete without hitting the slopes. So for fresh powder and savings, look to us for the best discount Wolf Creek lift tickets available.

Discount Wolf Creek Lift Tickets, by Resort

Wolf Creek Resort offers skiing options at Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, and Nordic Valley. All are located near Ogden, Utah, which was recently deemed by National Geographic as one of the Top Ten Emerging Ski Towns. With so many great choices, narrowing down exactly how to choose the best discount Wolf Creek lift tickets may feel a little daunting. But don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for. We guarantee to update the latest ticket pricing and information, including available discounts.

Powder Mountain Discount Lift Tickets

Boasting the largest skiable acreage in the United States, Powder Mountain is a mecca for winter-sports enthusiasts. Although their walk-up prices are pricey, there are plenty of ways to score discount Wolf Creek lift tickets at Powder Mountain.

  1. Plan Ahead, Avoid the Window – Begin by browsing prices with us as early as possible. The earlier tickets are purchased, the more money guests save.
  2. Choose multi-day – Multi-day passes can save guests a small amount, depending on how many days are purchased. Check with us for the best value for multi-day passes.
  3. Consider Season Passes – For those who can’t get enough of Powder Mountain, consider season passes. Ultimately, they’ll save frequent skiers and snowboarders lots of money.
  4. Avoid half-day Passes – Maximize the value of your money spent by purchasing tickets online through us, or choosing night skiing over half-day offers.

Snowbasin Discount Lift Tickets

One of the oldest continuously operating ski resorts in the US, Snowbasin Resort has seen a lot since it opened its slopes in 1940. Most notably, it was used in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games for men’s and women’s downhill, super G, and combined races. With a resume like that, it’s no wonder why Snowbasin is popular and well-loved by winter-sports lovers.

While Snowbasin is expensive, there are definitely ways to save. Let us show you the best ones.

  1. Group Tickets – Group tickets are available for lift tickets, tubing hills, and special events. Snowbasin considers groups to be 20 or more participants, and offers 1 free comp ticket for every 25 tickets sold. For pricing and information, check frequently with us.
  2. Plan Ahead, Avoid the Window – Purchasing lift tickets online, even for one day, will save some major cash. Snowbasin pricey walk up prices can be easily avoided by using our website.
  3. Consider Season Passes – Snowbasin offers a ton of different season pass options ranging from a Military Premier Pass, to a Midweek Value Pass, to Adult Value or Premier.
  4. Avoid Half-Day Pricing – Most often, half-day prices offer little time and value for guests. Ditch those in favor of full-day passes, which offer guests much more time and value.

Nordic Valley Discount Lift Tickets

Famous for its family friendly atmosphere, Nordic Valley Ski Resort offers something for everyone. This resort features a 120 acre “boutique” ski hill, which is ideal for group or family skiing or snowboarding. Nordic Valley Ski Resort also offers night skiing from 4pm – 8 pm.

There are a few ways to score discount Wolf Creek lift tickets at Nordic Valley Ski Resort.

  1. Check our Website – Nordic Valley offers weekly specials, including Student Night BOGOs, family nights, and date nights. However, since these prices fluctuate, it’s important to check with us early and often for information.
  2. Consider Season Passes – Because this resort is small and family-oriented, it’s an awesome place to return again and again. Season passes are available for adults, families, students, armed forces members, service professionals, and teachers.