When planning a ski trip, it’s always a great idea to look online in advance and budget shop. Ski rentals at Snowbasin provides cheap, and memorable fun. Skiing at Snowbasin will be a family memory never forgotten, as it’s known for being one the most continuous operating ski areas in the entire United States. The Olympics were also hosted here in 2002. Below are a few extra tips for saving a little bit more, at Snowbasin ski area and a few helpful bits of advice, to make the most memorable and affordable  family trip.


When looking for money saving deals, starting to search early is the best way to save the most money. Ski rentals at Snowbasin offers several package deals and discounts when booking online and in advance. Here’s a quick breakdown on price points. Season passes are available in premier and value. Premier passes have a few perks including free skiing at 14 other ski resorts, tubing hill discounts, and 50% off discounts for buddies plus much more. Details are available online. Prices start at $749 for adults age 24-79, young adults $499. Value passes start at $549 for adults. Youth and military discounts are available, and child passes are $10 for age 0-6.

Ski rentals are affordable at Snowbasin ski rentals starting at $20 for adult ski rentals, $45 for experience packages and $55 for performance. Booking rental gear online in advance can save additional money. Helmets are an extra $10, but all packages include the poles, and skis. It is highly suggested to spend the extra money for safety.  Multi day discounts are also available online and in shop. Be sure to ask!

Don’t Forget

Make sure to check out all the lodging and dining options on the website. Daily specials and top of the line chefs prepare affordable and mouthwatering dishes. Skiing doesn’t have to just be cold, dining at one of the many options available at Snowbasin is sure to be a treat and warm your soul right up. Great prices on lodging and discount packages can be found online or by calling in advance and checking out the super price-saving deals. Ski rentals at Snowbasin is open June to October for summer weather permitting also.

Pack a few extra pair of socks, breathable clothing that can easily be layered, and be sure to book in advance for the most wallet friendly family vacation.  This family vacation is sure to go down in the books as the best ever!

Below is a list of ski rental shops near Snowbasin ski area:

Aloha ski rentals- http://www.parkcityskirentals.com/

Diamond Peak Mountain Sports-http://www.diamondpeak.biz/

Alpine Sports-http://alpinesportsutah.com/