Skiing in such a beautiful atmosphere is to be remembered forever. Sundance has stunning views, lodging options, summer activities, and amazing dining options. It is so worth it to plan in advance, and ski at Sundance! Scenic lift rides are available during the summer and totally affordable. Here are a few more breakdowns on price to have the most memorable and affordable ski trip yet at Sundance ski rentals!


Skiing can be affordable among the summer activities at Sundance, booking advanced winter ski rentals at Sundance is the most money saving way to go about it. Lift tickets normally range for an adult all-day from $65, children age 6-12 ski for $43, and of course any child under the age of 5 ski for free. Senior and military discounts are available with proper id. Package deals are available for season passes starting at $529 depending on which age group, but the perks can be worth it.

If you prefer to do more than ski, don’t worry ski rentals at Sundance has plenty of options to suit everyone’s different personality. Opening May 20th again is zip line tours. Several different price point are available and booking online in advance is the best way to save. 2,100 ft of a vertical descent across stunning scenery. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity available only at ski rentals at Sundance.

Forget Me Not

Don’t forget ski rentals at Sundance are super affordable. Children’s rentals start at $20 for a full day of gear rental. Adult rentals cost $30 for ski packages or snowboards and there are several options to choose from. Night only rental rates are about $15 per person and can save your entire family quite a bit. Performance ski rentals start at $42 for a full day, high performance costs $54 for a full day and high performance snowboard package costs $48 for a full day.

Don’t forget to pack chains if you’re traveling to Sundance as Utah state law requires it or take transportation directly from the airport. Pack several extra pairs of socks and wear layers of breathable materials. You may just happen to book in advance and enjoy Sundance ski area, when Sundance film Festival takes place. Planning in advance and booking online is always the best way to save the most money and have the most enjoyable family ski trip ever.

The following is a list of ski rental shops nearby Sundance ski resort area:

Board of Provo-

Out N Back-