Harold and Luella Seeholzer (as well as their children) are to thank for the creation of the Beaver Mountain Resort. Thanks to the hard work of this family the Beaver Mountain Resort became a legend and a fine, small place to ski in the northern part of the state of Utah.

Harold Seeholzer was a man who loved skiing, spending time outside, and the snow. He and his wife dreamed of making a place where their family could spend time together and have a great time during the winter months. Little did Harold know, he would create what is recognized as a landmark to the Cache Valley today. Harold was a lather by trade and his wife worked in a clothing store for women in order to support their dream.

Initially, Beaver Mountain Resort was not a very successful place. This is because the motor was located at the top of the mountain. This meant someone had to hike up the mountain each and every morning to turn it on. There was no road for anyone to drive up there.

The Resort Everyone Knows and Loves

Beaver Mountain Resort is recognized for being a family owned, operated, and oriented ski resort. It is a resort that knows what it means to be a family. It promises to give families one of the best skiing experiences they have ever had (and will ever have).

The Beaver Mountain Resort stretches across 828-acres of skiable terrain. While this is a lot smaller than other ski resorts in Utah (and around the United States), it is still an incredible place. Some of the guests argue the smaller skiable area makes it easier for the staff to maintain the slopes giving the guests a more incredible experience.

One of the perks to skiing at Beaver Mountain Resort is there is a wide variety of terrain despite being a smaller ski resort. There is a little bit of terrain for every ski skill level. This means you can find the perfect stretch of terrain to enjoy regardless of what your ability and skill level might be.

The slopes of the mountain at the Beaver Mountain Resort face east, for the most part. This is not a ski resort that utilizes snowmaking equipment. This means the hours of operation and ski time depends on how much snow as fallen. For this reason, this resort may open several weeks later than other resorts in the state. It, however, is one you are definitely going to check out. Who doesn’t like the idea of knowing you are only going to be skiing on natural snow?