When the skiing season rolls around, you want to visit a beautiful area on top of the snow covered mountains. Eagle Point is one of those ski resorts where you’re able to enjoy the scenic views, but also all that they have to offer. Find plenty of things to do, fast rolling slopes and of course, comfortable Eagle Point lodging so you can spend more than a day in the area. This is a fun family getaway area for people from miles around, and it can be yours, as well.

Accommodations On the Property

Eagle Point lodging has a classic fairy tale feel to it. Before big resorts took over in many areas, these smaller villages of suites and luxurious rooms were once offered. When staying at Eagle Point, you can choose to stay in one of these little village areas or choose a remote cabin further away from the general population. Ski and ski out in many of the options.

Aspen Suites are small, but still, beautiful place for you to spend your evenings at. With everything you need in one area; you do not have to leave to have a bite to eat or watch television over the fireplace. Comfortable and providing numerous rooms, you can bring your entire family.

The nearby condos are more like apartments, and many people enjoy being in a place like home instead of a hotel room. Comfortable beds, affordable prices and a place you can ski to after a long day makes these condos an attractive option when visiting Eagle Point.

The last choice and a more private one for Eagle Point lodging are local vacation homes. They are large, secluded properties that offer more room for large groups or just those who would like to spend some alone time away from crowds and noise. These homes often feature hot tubs, televisions and enough rooms for your entire group to stay.

Hotels Off the Property

There are plenty of smaller hotels and motels that you can take advantage of when searching for Eagle Point lodging. Depending on the place you want to lay your head or the price you’re after; there is something to be found nearby.

The Econo Lodge provides welcoming accommodations that are affordable and comfortable. If you want something a bit more upscale than the Econo Lodge and offering additional amenities, then the Best Western is right next door and provides larger rooms, for a higher rate. The Days Inn and Super 8 are also both comfortable hotels within the same area and just minutes away from the ski area and affordable for any budget, as well as offering a few amenities.

When you’re ready to take the next step and find an ideal Eagle Point lodging destinations, book your stay today. There is something for everyone in each of these options. You can stay for a weekend, night or the whole week. The mountains are a place of comfort, fun and serene beauty each and every time you look at them.