Powder Mountain Resort is a ski resort in Utah that is always earning awards and getting high ratings. In fact, it consistently earns the top rating for both value and snow quality via the reader survey in the SKI Magazine. “Pow Mow” is the name that locals have affectionately given this ski resort. They refer to it as their own private playground. It, however, is also known as the best secret spot in the world. This is definitely a nestled little gem in the powdered snow worth checking out while you are in Utah.

The Terrain

With over 7,000-acres of terrain for skiers and boarders, this ski resort likes to brag about having more skiable terrain than any other resort in the United States. There is 2,800-acres of lifted terrain, 1,200-acres of terrain services by the Powder Country Shuttle, 700-acres you can access with the Lightning Ridge Snowcat Ride, 3,000-acres services by the Snowcat Powder Safari, and 1,000-acres access through the Wolf Canyon Tours.

If that wasn’t incredible enough the mountain gets more than 500 inches of snow every year. Bragging about getting the “greatest snow on the planet.” Powder Mountain Resort is home to 144 different ski trails and two different terrain parks.

If you are looking for a ski resort with an endless amount of powder, Powder Mountain Resort is just what the doctor ordered. Even on the busiest days, you can still find untouched powder to enjoy. With more than 3,000-acres considered skiable, the amount of trails and powdered runs is incredible. The other 4,000-acres are a dream come true for someone who is looking for an adventure. Naturally, the terrain offers a perfect blend of easy, moderate, and difficult slopes. You should have no trouble finding a place you are comfortable skiing.

An Adventure For Everyone

If you are looking for a powder day like you can’t get anywhere else, the Snowcat Powder Safari is where you should start. There are over 3,000 skiable acres of shuts, open bowls, and gladded trees. To make things even more incredible, the Safari is limited to just 22 guests per day. This is how they are able to preserve the quality of the snow for the guests. It guarantees you get to enjoy the mountain the way it was intended to be enjoyed too.

Everyone who returns home from Powder Mountain Resort spends time thinking about how they are going to get back there. You will not waste time bragging to your friends about how incredible this little gem was.