Sundance Resort offers skiers and snowboarders beautiful scenery as it sits right next to Mount Timpanogos. With freshly groomed slopes everyday skiers of all skill abilities will be sure to enjoy their time at the mountain. The resort is also beloved by beginner skiers with over forty beginner trails to enjoy. The hill typically has smaller crowds which means you have more time to enjoy the mountain without having to wait in lift lines. Spending more time on the snow than on the chairlift means you will have plenty of time to improve your skills and get to test out as many of the trails as possible.

Many options for skiing all day or night

Before you book your trip to Sundance Resort make sure to check out all the different options they have when it comes to lift tickets. There are choices available for all budgets. Whether you are a morning riser or a nightowl you can choose the lift ticket that suits you the most. You can choose from a Full Day pass or a Super Day pass. Both give you access to the mountain first thing in the morning. The night Full Day and the Twilight lift tickets are your best options when it comes to skiing in the afternoon and the nighttime. Whatever you choose just remember, typically the better skiing first thing in the morning. Seasoned skiers will know that catching the tracks as soon as the lift opens means you will either be getting fresh powder or freshly groomed snow. Both are hard to beat when it comes to ski conditions. Skiing later on in the day and the afternoon means you will be getting snow that’s often pushed around and later in the season a bit melted from the afternoon sun.

To bring or not to bring

Travellers also should be knowledgeable about the rental options at Sundance Resort. Bringing ski equipment on a plane can be very costly, having to pay for extra baggage or more weight. For skiers that drive, bringing your own equipment can also mean an over-packed car as well. Sundance has great options when it comes to renting at the hill. Seasoned skiers won’t have to sacrifice their skiing for convenience. Sundance Resort offers high performance equipment for full, half or night time rentals. No matter what rental equipment you choose from make sure to book in advance. With the ski season rather short it’s best to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to having proper equipment at the mountain.