Discount Snowbird Lift Ticket Prices 2015-2016 SKI SEASON

The Snowbird lift ticket deals in the grid below have been updated for the 2015-16 REUGLAR ski season. You will see the Snowbird window rates and then our discounted tickets beside that. We also have a 20% discount on ski rentals to Christy Sports, which is located right at the Snowbird base. If you book ahead just 24 hours for items you are going to buy/rent anyway, you can save tons of money. And that just makes good sense right there.

# Days Adults
(ages 13-64)
(ages 5-12)
Ski Rental Deals
1 $132 $122 20% Off Ski Rentals
2 $264 $244 20% Off Ski Rentals
3 $381 $351 20% Off Ski Rentals
4 $488 $448 20% Off Ski Rentals
5 $590 $540 20% Off Ski Rentals


The short answer is that we have them. This season Snowbird window rates are $98. Ours are around $72/day – $129/2 Days – $169/3 Days. Those prices fluctuate a little bit depending on the day, but that is pretty much our regular season Snowbird lift ticket deal. You can pay more if you like, but we just don’t think you should. We have a deal with Liftopia, and you can save $45/day on a 3-day ticket using our discounts.Alta/Snowbird Lift Tickets

If you aren’t familiar with Snowbird, it is right next door to Alta, which is yet another amazing hill in Utah. There is a lift at the top of Snowbird that connects to Alta. We’ll get to that in a minute. Your Snowbird lift ticket does not come with access to Alta, but you can buy access. But there is a trick. If you buy this ticket flat out, it costs $114 at Snowbird and Alta. However, if you already have a Snowbird ticket, then it will cost $33 more to ski at Alta. If you notice, the difference is two days skiing. So if you plan ahead, you can save.A little tip. We also have deals for Alta tickets, and they are about the same price ($72-$74) per day. It is about a 4 minute drive to Alta from Snowbird. However, it takes a good amount of time to ski between them. You have to take Peruvian or the Tram, ski down into Mineral Basin, take the Baldy lift up, ski across the catwalk and through the Alta gate. It’s about 45 minutes on a good day. Then you have to do that on the way back. So you end up paying $114 to ski 6 hours at the other place. When you could take a shuttle or drive and pay $72 for 8 hours. Trust me. I’ve done it both ways. And now I always drive. (This same bit of advice goes for the Connect at Park City/Canyons.)


You can also buy half-day Snowbird lift tickets, but you can only buy them the day of, only at the window, and only for the afternoon. They go on sale at 1230, so you get about 3.5 hours of skiing. The cost this year is $82 for adults, $38 for children, and $69 for seniors. All in all, half day tickets are a bad deal.

Here’s why.

First, if you are using our discount, then you are paying more to ski a half day than a full day with us. So if you know you won’t get a full day in, just buy a full day from us ($72) and save an extra $10. Second, don’t ever wait around to buy half day tickets anywhere. No matter where you ski. You might be saving a few bucks, but you are COSTING yourself time to ski. And you came here to ski. Might as well ski. If you were good with money you would have chosen a different sport or bought a full day ticket from us. Snowbird skis big, it has a lot of terrain, and a lot to be proud of. I don’t hate them one bit for charging that price for a half day ticket. You just don’t need to pay that price.